There are actually a few different rowing machine exercises, and there are a few basics that should be taken into consideration first. Any good rowing machine is going to work by stimulating the experience of rowing a boat, as this is a great workout for almost all the muscle groups of your body, namely your arms and legs. You have added benefits with a rowing machine however, because you are able to change the resistance and rowing speed according to your own preferences.

Rowing machine exercises on the legs are especially effective, and so you should make sure that you get in lots of exercises for the thighs and calves. These muscle areas do a tremendous amount of work when you are rowing, and you will also develop strong abdominal muscles because you contract your abdominal muscles when you are moving your body in the rowing movement.

And because you are using all four limbs when you are completing rowing machine exercises, you will get a great cardio workout on top of this, which is really important because we all know how vital cardio is to any workout.

Cardiovascular exercises promote the loss of body fat and as well tone and sculpt your body. It also helps by raising your metabolic rate, decreasing your risk of cardiovascular disease, and burning more calories than almost any other sort of workout. You just want to make sure that when you are using a rowing exercise machine that you incorporate all the different parts of your bodies by ensuring that you have a variety of rowing machine exercises in your routine.

The rowing exercise machine is absolutely one of the most essential pieces of fitness equipment to any home or public gym, and thus definitely one that you want to make sure to include. As long as you include the proper rowing machine exercises, then you are going to ensure yourself a powerful, effective workout that is going to have obvious and long lasting results.

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