When you stop to take a closer look at the Beny rowing machine, there are 3 popular models worth spending a moment considering. Each one uses a different resistance mechanism, but they all offer a complete full body workout and an invigorating cardiovascular program that stimulate heart strength and improves physical stamina.

The V-fit Fit-Start Dual Hydraulic Rowing Machine, for example, uses speed proportionate air resistance and magnetic resistance combined to give a smoother, more realistic workout. It includes a handy display console with important session data which includes the amount of calories (energy) you have used during the session. It is especially easy to transport with wheels mounted on the front end, and a lightweight design that can be quickly stored away.

Another model, the Beny V-Fit HR2-D Hermes Hydraulic Rowing Machine features Twin independent hydraulic pistons, which allow each arm to row using a different resistance setting, which can be ideal for many rehabilitative situations. Individual resistance controls on each piston mean that regaining muscle tone in one arm doesn’t mean losing it in the other as you set the machine for the lowest common denominator.

And then there is the Beny V-Fit Artemis II Rowing Machine which uses air resistance to provide virtually infinite resistance setting using a speed proportionate resistance mechanism. It has a single bar rowing arm with foam padded grips that give the user a firm comfortable hold and promotes smoother strokes.

Purchasing a rowing exercise machine is big investment for many people, so take the time to investigate the different resistance mechanisms, and find out which one is best suited to your needs or living environment. Some models, particularly hydraulic piston mechanisms, are well suited to small places where storing away when not in use is the only option, while other models offer a wider range of resistance levels. Getting the best of both worlds’ means you’ll have to compare a couple of different rowing machines, and study a Beny rowing machine review or two.

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