Top 10 Best Rowing Machines For 2020

top 10 rowing machines 2020

Rowing machines, also referred to as indoor rowers are unique fitness equipment designed to help in the training of different body muscles. For instance, the device can be used to train the neck, back, chest and shoulder muscles among others. Ideally, you can use it to improve your stamina, rehabilitate muscles, burn calories and lose […]

Why Ergonomics Matter When Choosing Fitness Equipment

This depends on the brand of rowing machine you’re using.  Given the Concept2 brand rowing machine is the most common one in American gyms, I’ll assume you’re using a C2. World and American records for various distances and times are available on the Concept2 website. You can go there and compare yourself to the record […]

Kettler Rowing Machines – Worth A look?

Many fitness experts believe that rowing is the ultimate workout. It is one of the few exercises that works all three muscle groups and also stimulates the cardiovascular system at the same time. Using a rowing machine a half an hour a day, three times a week is one of the fastest way to get […]

Tunturi Rowing Machines – Are They Still A Good Choice?

Deciding to invest in any piece of fitness equipment requires ample research. A Tunturi rowing machine is an excellent choice if you are looking for a high quality, well manufactured rower. They have been in the business for more than 80 years, providing high quality fitness equipment for fitness enthusiasts across the globe. Anyone looking […]

Beny Indoor Rowers – A Quick Giude

When you stop to take a closer look at the Beny rowing machine, there are 3 popular models worth spending a moment considering. Each one uses a different resistance mechanism, but they all offer a complete full body workout and an invigorating cardiovascular program that stimulate heart strength and improves physical stamina. The V-fit Fit-Start […]

New Or Used Rowing Machine – Whats Best?

We have rowing machine expert, Holli Moreno here with us today. And she will like to tell you about, what to look for when you want to buy an indoor rower. And you’re not sure whether you want a new model or a second-hand/used model. Also she like tell you, why she advises her friends, to go […]