Some models of LifeCore rowing machine feature a wider array of built in programs than other models, or allow for more user defined programs to be entered. For the user, this means that they can simulate their favorite rowing route, or practice for a challenging upcoming course event. And LifeCore even uses Polar compatibility, which means they are compatible with clinically approved heart rate control and cardiovascular fitness programs. Combined with the wireless chest strap, the user can see real time results of the workout, including distance travelled and strokes per minute.

LifeCore rowing machines are recognized for the cardiovascular benefits they provide, and are well suited for the elderly, or those who require a no-impact workout for health reasons. This is still a highly aerobic form of exercise, and utilizes all of the major muscle groups of the body for a total workout that builds heart strength and physical stamina.

LifeCore rowing machine reviews mention the R9000’s 8 levels of resistance, for a maximum equivalent resistance of 350 watts. They talk about the Air Magnetic rowing machine’s smooth ultra-quiet belt drive, and the fluid motion of the mounted track seating. They even remark about the futuristic engineering and ergonomic seat and pedal design. Time after time, reviews the many great features of this exercise rower, comparing it to such well known brands as Kettler and Stamina.

It may be the most affordable fitness rower machine, but a LifeCore rower has all of the features of even the highest priced models, and provides a gym-style workout in the location of your choosing. Looks, quality, and functionality are combined in the LifeCore rowing machine, and the end result is a product that cost a little more than other brands, but delivers all of the quality you would expect from a more expensive piece of equipment. And a device that can benefit the whole family is a bargain no matter what the cost, adding years of healthy life to each member with only a minimal daily workout.

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