We have rowing machine expert, Holli Moreno here with us today. And she will like to tell you about, what to look for when you want to buy an indoor rower. And you’re not sure whether you want a new model or a second-hand/used model. Also she like tell you, why she advises her friends, to go for a brand new rower, if they can afford it.

Rowing machines are one of the best equipment with which to burn calories and obtain a complete body workout. That is because these machines are very low impact, putting little stress on the knees and hips, and provide both cardiovascular as well as strength training. Therefore, an opportunity to buy new rowing machines for sale should be capitalized upon. Not only will they save on money, they will also give trouble-free performance for a longer period of time.

The main advantage of buying a new rowing machines for sale is the chance to get better technology for a lesser price. For example, some magnetic resistance models, which use quiet electromagnets to provide resistance, can be expensive if not on sale. Most exercise equipment is bought on a whim, with little price comparison prior to purchasing. Years pass with the equipment gathering dust as well as rust in the garage, and the person wants to sell their exercise machine as ‘barely used’ for almost what they paid for it. In addition, newer models commonly have the advantage of having more ergonomic seats, better grips, and other improvements.

Another benefit to buying new rowing machines for sale is lesser maintenance cost. That is because newer machines will tend to need a longer time to break down as compared to older machines. And that fact can mean significant savings, in terms of parts and replacements, not to mention the hassle of spending time replacing equipment instead of exercising.

Then there is the programming. Newer models of rowing machines would normally have more program features, including multiple stats that one can track, programmable routines, memory functions, and many others, which can be of significant help to someone who is seriously dedicated to getting fit.

Lastly, there is the convenience. Buying rowing machines means not having to go to the gym in order to work out. What’s more, the newer models further add to the convenience by allowing easy storage, usually by means of folding up and being lightweight. This enables the user to save on valuable floor space around the house.

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