As simple as they appear to be, indoor rowers are complicated pieces of equipment which are scientifically designed to help the user achieve better health and build muscular tissue. But like other products, all rowing machines are not created equal, and some are more popular than others because of special features, advanced engineering, or even the reputation of the company which makes it. The top 5 rowing machines are comprised of the ones which fill the highest number of the reasons listed above.

The best rowing machines are the ones which are built to have the most accessibility. Top rated machines will usually be accessible to heights ranging from four and half feet to well over six feet, and suitable for user weights of up to 300 pounds or more.


The Schwinn Windrigger rowing machine is built by a world leader in bicycle manufacturing, along with other athletic gear and equipment. Its uses an air resistance mechanism to provide infinite resistance levels proportionate the force the user puts into the workout.


Performance and quality are the key descriptions given for Stamina rowing machines. They are built to handle heavy use, and are often light enough to pick up and move around when not in use. Depending on the model, Stamina rowing machines use air, hydraulic and magnetic resistance mechanisms.


Kettler rowing machines are often considered to be the elite ranks of rowing machines. Fine German engineering and a dedication to physical fitness make every workout as invigorating as the first one, regardless of the user’s athletic level of ability.


And there is not anything else like the Natural WaterRower rowing machine. It uses a specially designed water regulated resistance system that feel just like rowing on water, and most models are of WaterRower are built using solid ash or black walnut, providing a rustic, colonial feel to any décor.

Concept 2

Conversely Concept 2 rowing machines are the epitome of modern fitness equipment engineering. Their futuristic design and exceptionally smooth handling make them a favorite in consumer ratings, and the PM5 computer option adds a whole new realm of workout programs and fitness exercises.

The Top 5 rowing machines are obviously among the best available, as picked out by ordinary people just like you or I. They are ranked highly for a number of reasons, ranging from light weight to superb engineering, but all deliver a wonderful cardiovascular workout that is ideal for people requiring a low impact fitness program.

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