Rowing expert, Charles Henderson here to share with us his experience with Classic rower form WaterRower.

WaterRower Classic Row Machine – What You Need To Know

WaterRower Classic is one of the water resistance rowing machines offered by WaterRower. This stylish and unique rower is hand crafted in Solid American Black Walnut – a kind of wood that will vary in color from a rich brown to purple black. Being made of quality wood, this American engineered exercise equipment has the ability to absorb sound and vibrations, thus reducing the amount of noise while rowing and also gives it an incredible longevity and sturdiness.

Like every other WaterRower rowing machines, The Classic runs on a patented Water FlyWheel to simulate actual rowing on water giving its users a composed and enjoyable rowing experience. This fitness machine will work your whole body – arms, upper body, back, and legs. This model is sure to give you a workout which increases in intensity the harder you row. Although it is not as easy to calibrate the resistance level compared to a magnetic rower, you can increase the resistance by filling up the tank with more water. However one good thing about the water tank and flywheel – which creates a self-regulating resistance system – meaning that there is no need for a motor.

The Classic from WaterRower weighs around 108 pounds. Its dimension of 83x22x21 inches makes it very compact and ideal for home use. It can withstand a user weight of 1,000 pounds. The machine comes with a very basic but useful monitor that displays your speed, distance, time, and stroke rate. You can buy a more advanced monitor to use with the Classic. The WaterRower S4 Performance Monitor has a heart rate monitoring system incorporated that will display your workout intensity, zone bar, heart rate, and duration. There are definitely more advanced features with the S4 add on, however it will cost you more.

This fitness rower from WaterRower is a bit more expensive than other machines such as Stamina and Kettler. However it is a fair price to pay for a quality engineered rowing machine. It comes with one year warranty on the frame and components. You have the option to increase the warranty term if you want to at purchase.

The WaterRower Classic rower machine has received a lot positive reviews from customers. There are however some criticisms made about this exercise machine. Some users have complained about the difficulty of using the machine, and hoped that there was an instruction DVD shipped with it. Others have criticised about the need to clean up the water tank after a period of time to remove mould.

Overall it is a good exercise machine. This rower will fit any user, from the young to the old, and with different rowing experience. The WaterRower Classic will fit comfortably into your busy lifestyle.

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